Consulting For the Future

Big Shoulders Fund works hard to provide the schools we support with the hands-on help they need to be successful. Meet Katie Bailey marketing consultant for Big Shoulders Fund schools. For several years she has been working closely with Leo High School and St. Francis de Sales High School. Her primary role has been to help schools on the business aspects of running a school — marketing and communications, finance, planning, and development.

It’s very important to get a school’s positive message out to students, families, communities, and alumni. Katie works with the schools to use social media to communicate and share stories. “It’s fun work and I have learned a lot about the schools and the neighborhoods they serve.”

Katie’s goal is to help school administrators put business systems in place so they can focus on the delivery of a quality education for their students.  Schools that are operationally and strong financially will be much more likely to stay in their communities, educating students for years to come.  

“Strong schools are anchors in a community.  I believe the schools we serve are critical to the health of their communities,” said Katie. “So many communities across Chicago have had businesses leave or public schools close but there are still families living there and they deserve a strong education.” When asked about the future of education in Chicago Katie says, “I hope to see a city and a world where all kids can grow up, feel safe, get a strong education and work and put down their own roots for the next generation.”