Framing The Volunteer Experience

Big Shoulders Fund connects volunteers to schools. One of our most popular ways is to attend a Give Back Day. More than 100 people roll up their sleeves for three hours on a Saturday to paint, clean, landscape, and organize classrooms for one lucky school. Volunteers are encouraged to get as involved as they want. Meet Thomas Wyssa Big Shoulders Fund Auxiliary Board member who began volunteering with Big Shoulders Fund two years ago at a service day. “I started volunteering with Big Shoulders through the Give Back Days. This was a great opportunity to get to know the charity, lend a hand on a more informal basis and meet a lot of new people. I quickly realized that Big Shoulders was doing amazing work and asked how else I could volunteer,” says Thomas.

Big Shoulders Fund believes in volunteers using their skill set to help improve our schools or impact our students. Thomas has an undergrad degree in Physics, and when he wanted to get in touch with a school where those skills could be utilized Big Shoulders Fund made the connection to Holy Trinity High School in Chicago’s Noble Square neighborhood.

“Once a week I go to school before work and am available to any pupil that needs help with their homework,” says Thomas. “There are also a variety of other ways that I have volunteered at Holy Trinity including judging a business competition and attending networking breakfasts where the kids get to practice their newly learnt skills.”

When asked what is his favorite thing about volunteering at Holy Trinity he says, “The enthusiasm shown by the teachers for the pupils is above and beyond anything I have seen in other areas of my professional life.”

If you are interested in learning how your skills can be used to benefit students please contact Amy Drozda at

 Mr. Thomas Wyss at the Big Shoulders Fund Give Back Day at St. Francis De Sales High School.

Mr. Thomas Wyss at the Big Shoulders Fund Give Back Day at St. Francis De Sales High School.