Financial Stability is Key

Larry Owens is a financial consultant to Big Shoulders Fund schools through the Covered Schools Initiative. He works with principals and financial representatives to help develop and evaluate the finances of schools. An example of how this is done would include looking at the school’s budget, forecasting the expected revenues and costs for future periods, and evaluating where the school stands on tuition collection. Based on the results he formulates a plan for “smart” spending to ensure the financial future of the school, and make it accessible and affordable for all.

“With the rising cost of supporting the operations of a school, combined with the need to consolidate inefficient programs, it is imperative that we identify those schools and programs that can sustain the continuing desire for a great Catholic education,” said Mr. Owens. “And ensure that they have a solid, consistent and predictable cost base by which they run their programs.”

Mr. Owens' work to stabilize schools financially is critical to the future of Chicago’s inner-city Catholic schools. When asked what he hopes to see for the future of education in Chicago he said, “My vision of the future is one in which a good quality education is at the forefront and is available to all of God’s children, regardless of who they are or where they live. I’d like to see the decision as to where a child attends school be made entirely on their preferred choice, and not on which one they can ‘afford’.”



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